Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

Two Tonbridge Tanneries were sited east & downwind from the population to minimise the foul smell of soaking skins in vats of a tannin-rich solution sometimes made from the bark of oak trees.  The process of manufacturing raw animal hides into durable leather had its drawbacks, such as the strong smell.  

Monday, 30 January 2012

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

A brewery run by the Baker Family was sited around upper St Marys Rd and Judd Rd area of Tonbridge from 1839 to 1874.

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

In the 1880's No.1 Portman Park was a blacksmith. This moved a few doors away and a shoeing smith remained until WW2

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Falling in Love at Tonbridge Farmers Market

Jo's Milk Jug

It's not often a milk jug inspires a blog post or that a simple milk jug is inspirational in any way.  However, I fell in love with the most charming floral jug on Jo's cake stall at the last Tonbridge Farmer's Market.  As always I had stopped at Jo's for my customary cake and coffee, that I tend to savour in the Market Eatery which, might I add, has become a monthly social meeting place for many of us Tonbridge people. 

Month by month I am trying to work my way through Jo's splendid array of mouth-watering cakes, and this time I couldn't resist a massive slice of deep golden moist carrot cake crowned with buttery topping.  My friend plumped for the coffee and walnut cake which was equally as large, and equally as inviting, and graphically topped with a whole boletus-brown walnut.  It looked so good I'll definitely be trying that one next time.

It was when I came to pour milk into my steaming hot coffee that I was first introduced to the beautiful vintage jug.  For a short moment the Englishness of pretty pink roses and rosebuds cast me back to nostalgic tea times of my past, and then followed a flurry of photographs and declarations of  admiration of the splendid fine bone china object.  I think the bemused Jo thought I was quite mad, but she did reveal that since she had been using the pink pattened jug customers had been more than complimentary of her choice of crockery. 

I'll be back for the coffee and walnut cake when the market is back in town on the 12th of February, and I hope Jo returns with this little' piece de resistance'.  I might even ask her if she wishes to part with it.

Boys Wanted For Streetdance Crew

Adversity Street Dance is the new and exciting streetdance class in town.  This time the girls are going to be disappointed as the crew is for boys only, aged 14 to 18 years.  

The crew will be led by streetdancer, and personal trainer, Henry Adekoya from Strictly Funky Street Dance who will guide the class through all the dance moves. It's also a fun way of keeping you fit. So, whether you come alone or with friends you'll have a great time. 

Classes will be at Hillview School for Girls on Thursday evenings 4.15 to 5.15pm and the fee is £15 for 8 weeks.

Contact Gill Chadbon chadbong@hillview.kent.sch.uk or follow Adversity Street Dance on Twitter.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Genty Fine Art. At Home in Tonbridge

Last Friday I was invited by Genty Fine Art. At Home to the opening of Christian Halna du Fretay   exhibition at the Tyger's Head in Tonbridge.

'The artist's work could be defined as the art of suggestion and described as a mixture of vibration and calm, a constant dialogue between the unspoken and the revealed. The absence of details, far from being seen as something missing, sends our senses to all four corners of the picture. Traces of light slip and slide like tectonic plates, preparing the ground for the revelation of many secrets, a moment of radiance, poised, which appears, vibrates, then flies away to another plane, another world.'  (David Genty)

The Genty's beautiful home in Church Lane is a unique way to bring art to the people.  Here there are no white spaces or clinical rooms as this is not a museum or a gallery.  The Tyger's Head offers the opportunity to experience art in the familiar atmosphere of a home.

 The exhibition is open until January 29 and can be viewed by appointment tel 01732 369565

Recognising Tonbridge Recognised

This time Recognising Tonbridge was not recognised.  The image was part of the new Castle pub logo etched into their refurbished windows.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

St Stephens Church was built by public subscription & consecrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1852

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

Look up at Weatherspoons Tonbridge as a George V cipher remains above the entrance close to the words 'Post Office'

Recognising Tonbridge

There have been rather a lot of Recognising Tonbridge posts recently, but couldn't resist this one that I spotted last night.
Can you work out where I am?

Tonbridge Daily is Back

Tonbridge Daily has been out of the country more than in Tonbridge recently, but will now be at home for a while.

Although not a local image this is where I have been hiding - high up in to Polar North. (No this is not a Recognising Tonbridge post)

So, keep checking in regularly as there are going to be more posts on our town.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Is Tonbridge about to lose another shop?

Supreme Party Shop Tonbridge High Street

The face of Tonbridge High Street is about to change again.  I noticed the above sign in the Supreme Card Party Shop this evening stating that the business was for sale due to relocation.

Is Tonbridge about to lose another shop or will it be relocated elsewhere on the High Street?

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

Owletts Alley by Macdonalds led to the worst slum area in Tonbridge which was abandoned after cholera struck in 1849

Recognising Tonbridge Recognised

This Recognising Tonbridge post had the fastest ever answer that came in from Nev in around 10 seconds of posting the photograph of the Enchanted Bakery's window.

For those of you who haven't yet been to this little gem of a cafe it's opposite the station exit in Barden Road.  Photos and more info on a previous Tonbridge Daily blog post http://tonbridgedaily.blogspot.com/2011/06/heavenly-bites.html

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Recognising Tonbridge

Where in Tonbridge am I
and in whose window am I looking?

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

The Horsewash in Tonbridge was part of the Castle moat forming a bay in the river. The Watergate Entrance is now on this site.

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

Tonbridge Census of 1871 listed 53 people with a university education and 'top scholars' living in the town

Monday, 9 January 2012

Recognising Tonbridge Recognised

The Man of Kent Tonbridge
I thought I had outwitted the people of Tonbridge on this one, however after some gentle persuasion to give clues as to where the oasts and roundels could be, they were eventually recognised as being part of The Man of Kent pub sign in East Street.

If you wish to read a previous Tonbridge Daily post on the debate of whether one is a Man of Kent or a Kentish Man take a look on http://tonbridgedaily.blogspot.com/2011/06/man-of-kent-or-kentish-man.html

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Recognising Tonbridge

Peeling brush strokes of oasts and roundels 
Where in Tonbridge am I standing?

1909 Account on Tonbridge

This is an interesting excerpt on Tonbridge from the book 'English Homes and Villages (Kent and Sussex) by Lady Hope, published by J. Salmon in 1909.  The book was dedicated to The Princess of Wales and the inscription reads:-

To Her Royal Highness
The Princess of Wales
in Loyal Admiration
of her benevolence, sympathy and untiring goodness
to the people of our country,
by permission
I have the honour to dedicate this book

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Breakfast Special at Tonbridge Farmers Market

Tonbridge Farmers' Market is on Sunday January 8 
... And it's a Farmhouse Breakfast Special
This will be the 8th Tonbridge Farmers' Market
in Sovereign Way
Tonbridge TN9 1RG

9.30am - 1.30pm

Have a late breakfast or brunch in the Market Eatery

With over 45 stalls booked in already this month, it is going to be a great start to 2012
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so whether you are just coming to the market for your breakfast or you're stocking up on some wonderful breakfast goodies this is the month to start. 

Try a speciality tea for your breakfast
There will be plenty to try and tickle your fancy and get your mouth watering. There should be plenty of special offers to start the new year.

Honey has many health benefits so spread some sunshine on your breakfast toast
The Farmers’ Market offers the chance to try something a little different such as a new flavour of sausage, great with home cured bacon and free range eggs.

The market also provides a great opportunity for shoppers to get ideas for hearty winter meals.
Chilly winter days are just the time for cooking delicious roasts, stews and casseroles, baked potatoes, hot soups and hot puddings.

Fresh local vegetables for those winter warming dishes

 Producers at the market will be bringing a vast array of quality ingredients which are both fresh and local, including seasonal favourites for January such as carrots, leeks, parsnips and turnips which are perfect for creating warming fare for the colder winter months.

As always the cookery demonstrations will run with the theme of the market, so mainly breakfast ideas this month including-

Jenny from Happy Apple making a Crunchy Oat Breakfast with Blackberry Curd and then Cinnamon Pancakes with Plum Jam.

Jenny from The Happy Apple with her fabulous preserves
Leigh Primary School will be raising funds for their new classroom.  For more information about them http://www.leighnewclassroom.com/
You can now follow what the market is up to on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Follow the links from Tonbridge Farmer's Market web site.
Customers wishing to get a reminder for the market can do so by emailing steve@tonbridgefarmersmarket.co.uk and just put “reminder” in the subject box or for a text reminder, text “Tonbridge” to 07557739903. 
Steve said “The reminder service is great. It's so easy to let a lot of customers know when the market is on”.
The market is actively looking for charities or local groups to take up the offer of a free pitch which is available at every market.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

In 1847 Tunbridge Ware was described as the 'only manufacture of consequence' established in Tonbridge

Recognising Tonbridge Recognised

Recognising Tonbridge needs to be more difficult in the future as there was a flow of correct answers via Twitter.  The picture is of course a close up of the Tonbridge School track.