Monday, 29 April 2013

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

Tonbridge Weather Notes recorded deep snow in the town on the 5 May 1787 Don't put away those winter coats yet!!!!

Tonbridge Historical Society Pictorial Collection No. 14B.526

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #226

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

In 1665 Tonbridge labourers were paid 24d daily and boys 8d.
The beer allowance was 1d per day for both man and boy, as in the 17thC beer was considered to be an 'important' dietary item.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Pinnacles

This photograph of The Pinnacles pub was sent to me by Frances Card. It was taken on the day that the hoardings were erected before demolition was started. The tall tree in the distance is the 95ft Wellingtonia that was felled after councillors gave the go-ahead for the development. The tree was probably the tallest in Tonbridge, and in good health, but even the Preservation Order that it carried bore no weight and it was lost. 

Hidden Garden

Have you noticed the sweet little garden hidden in a corner of the Parish Church graveyard? It's next to the Alms Houses and planted by the 4th Tonbridge Brownies. Take a look when you next pass as it really is lovely, and there's even a creative circular planting-pattern going on. Well done Brownies!!

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #224

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #223 - Steam Railway in Tonbridge Sportsground

What is this?

Any ideas on what the use of this redundant brick box may have been, or any ideas for its future use. It sits close to the recycling area in the Angel carpark.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Monday, 22 April 2013

Walk for The Bridge Trust

Ightham Moat

Tonbridge Lions Charity Walk - Sunday May 19
Registration from 9 to 9.30am at
Shipbourne Village Hall, Shipbourne Common

Enjoy a walk in the fresh air through some of Kent's loveliest countryside, and support The Bridge Trust's work with single homeless adults at the same time!

The route is 5 or 10 miles - maps and instructions are provided - refreshments free.

Both routes will have marshals and drinks stations at suitable points. Doges are allowed but must be kept on leads.

The 10 mile route:-
Shipbourne Common, Fairlawne Home Farm, Dunks Green, Fairlawne Park, Ightham Mote, Wilmot Cottage (lovely views across the Weald), Greensand Way, Carter's Hill, White Rock Inn, Underriver House, across open level pasture land to Mote Road, Shipbourne Church, The Chaser Inn, and finally across The Common to the Village Hall at Shipbourne. All road crossing will be marshalled by members of Tonbridge Lions Club.

The 5 mile route:-
This route is similar but starts the return leg at Budds Green.

If you would like to take part and raise sponsorship for The Bridge Trust, please contact Caroline Dunmall on cdunmall@thebridgetrust, as soon as possible, as your name needs to be forwarded, together with those joining you, to Tonbridge Lions Club.  You will also need to be sent a Sponsorship Form.

Church Lane Paving

For those of you who commented on the geometric paving photograph and wanted to know where it was located. It's in Church Lane.

Church Lane

Tonbridge Vermiculus

Tonbridge Vermiculus

Imagine my excitement when I spotted a rather beautiful bright red plant (weed) growing amongst the celendine on the banks of the Botany Stream. I'd never seen anything like it, and thought I should photograph it. After all, if a new species of plant were to be discovered in Tonbridge it would really put the town on the map.

Botanical names such as Viriditas Candidum (bright weed) or Tonbridge Vermiculus (Tonbridge Crimson) were racing through my mind. I did learn Latin at school but apologies if I've written something that doesn't make sense. So, with the deed done, and the image safely in my camera, I walked a few steps further only to find that someone had been playing around with a spray can, probably before adding a few choice tags to the walls and surfaces around the Angel Centre. Dream shattered!!!!

Sometimes it's all worthwhile

I met a lady in the High Street this morning (you know who you are) who told me she checked in on Tonbridge Daily every day, and thoroughly enjoyed all the photographs and snippets, especially the recent Recognising Tonbridge feature on the former Corn Exchange in Bank Street. It reminded her that her late father had mentioned he often attended the Drill Hall which was on this site too for a while. This prompted her to visit the building, with her sister last weekend, in remembrance of her father.

I have no idea who views the blog, or even if it is enjoyed by locals, as very few comments are left on the site, and that's probably because it's such a faff to log in, and join to do just that. A bloggers life is quite a solitary one, but I do get a fair amount of comments on Twitter and receive emails about the site. So it was a good feeling this morning knowing that a post had triggered off family memories, and it's these little things that make it all worth while.

Keep reading!!!!

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #221 - Tonbridge Sportground

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

Two long fire hooks used to remove burning thatch are displayed inside the porch at the Parish Church

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #220

Friday, 19 April 2013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #219
Geometric style paving - do you know where this is?

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

Climbing a pole for a leg of mutton and eating rolls and treacle were all fun at the Tonbridge Fair in 1813.
Seems our Tonbridge ancestors were far more creative than we are.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #218

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

During National Rat Catching week in 1935 Tonbridge took the championship title by recording 467 kills.

At the beginning of the 20th century the Rat Catcher's role was to help to control the spread of disease in areas of poor housing and sanitary conditions.  Their job was also integral in keeping down the rat population in the Wharves along the river.  Dogs and ferrets, as well as poison and traps, were used

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

In 1907 there were 20 inns and pubs, 9 hotels and 23 beer retailers in Tonbridge- how things have changed!!!!!

Tonbridge Then and Now

Baker's Garage with Tonbridge's first petrol pump, 1920s (later became Caffyns)

Tonbridge Historical Society Pictorial Collection No. 14C.419

Former ASK 2013 

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #217 - Lunch by the river

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Graffiti Gone

After tweeting the photograph of the graffiti on the large wooden castle doors, Kent Police contacted me and advised I call 101, and report the incident. I did exactly that, and today I was pleased to find that it had been removed.

Alcohol Control Area

The sign has probably been about for some time, and maybe there are even others around the Sportground and Castle area, but it's the first time I have seen one of these Alcohol Control signs. Maybe I haven't been too observant but have they been around for some time now, or are they new???

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

From 1922 to 1970 dances and shows took place in the Medway Hall. The wooden structure was demolished to make way for Somerfield carpark (now the Co-op).

LAMPS perform in the Medway Hall 1933
 Tonbridge Historical Society Pictorial Collection No. 25.013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #216 - Confetti

Monday, 15 April 2013

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

A one day Traffic Census in 1871 counted 210 hand trucks, 694 carriages & 23 'beasts' crossing Little Bridge on the High Street

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #215 - Beneath the Fire Station

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #214 - Canada Geese eggs - secret location

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hadlow pop-up art exhibition

Walnut Tree Cottage Hadlow - Gingerbread Gallery
There's a pop-up art exhibition happening this weekend and next weekend in celebration of the opening of Hadlow Tower. Needless to say all the art is Hadlow Tower related and all artists are from Hadlow. The exhibition is in the downstairs rooms of beautiful Walnut Tree Cottage on Hadlow Square, and includes architect models of the tower and a rotating digital photographic exhibit. Parking is limited but there are spaces outside on the road or in The Square.

It's really worth dropping in and some of the artists will be available to talk about their work, their village and the tower. There is also a good view of Hadlow Tower from the church graveyard which is tucked away behind The Square opposite the gallery.

Admission is free.

Recognising Tonbridge Recognised

Recognising Tonbridge feature
Former Corn Exchange in Bank Street
It's very rare that a Recognising Tonbridge isn't recognised but this is one that was not. The close-up photograph is part of the circular feature set in the apex of the former Corn Exchange in Bank Street.
It was originally built as a Dissenters Chapel in 1791 (the Dissenters were Christians who separated from the Church of England and formed their own place of worship). Later it was converted into the town's Corn Exchange which at the time stood at the entrance to Tonbridge Market. For a period of time it served as The Royal West Kent Drill Hall.

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #213

Thursday, 11 April 2013

No Loafing

Do you know where in Tonbridge 'no loafing' is allowed?

Fun Tonbridge Cards

More apartments for Tonbridge

I noticed a Planning Application today for the conversion into 11 apartments of the former Methodist Church and hall in East Street. What do you think?

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #211 - Burglar Proof!!!!!! - Vale Road

Tonbridge Daily Snippet

Angells The Jewellers was established in 1830 and is probably the oldest business in Tonbridge today.

Angells at 110-14 High Street - demolished for road widenening 1960's

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tonbridge Castle Graffiti

I'm so fed up with coming face to face with these scribbles around Tonbridge and they seem to be appearing everywhere. This one was on the large wooden entrance door to the castle.

Tonbridge Passion Play

For those who may be interested here are two scenes from the recent Tonbridge Passion Play performed on Good Friday at Tonbridge Castle. The clip was sent to me by Peter Ellis of Tonbridge Community films.

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #210 - Cannon Bridge