Monday, 30 September 2013

Tonbridge Art Club Exhibition

Last Friday I popped into to see how Tonbridge Art Club were getting on curating their latest exhibition.  Members were working hard organising and hanging the pieces of art, and apparently this year's exhibition contains more large sized paintings than in previous years.

Do go along and support our local town Art Club. Members will be happy to talk you through the exhibition. Entrance is free and it's currently showing in Tonbridge Castle Chamber from 10am to 4pm until this Friday (October 4).

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #307 - Cycle break by the river

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Little Bridge Litter

Has anyone else noticed all the signs around and about that ask people to take their litter home, because other people do. These ugly signs annoy me, and I find them a constant reminder of the mess we often find on grass verges and in our streets. I find the signs so distracting along the roads and paths, that in I'd go as far as to say they are contributing to the problem, by being as unattractive as the litter we want to stop.

Yesterday I noticed that the river by Little Bridge in the High Street has been used as a litter bin, and even contains a street bollard (or something similar) floating in the water.

It seems as though litter isn't being taken home afterall but thrown into our town river instead. Come on Tonbridge clean up your act!

Floating litter by Little Bridge
Street Bollard
Remains of a takeaway
Neatly packed litter discarded in the water

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tonbridge Busks for the British Legion (pm)

The sun shone on Tonbridge as busking continued to raise money for the British Legion throughout the afternoon. What a brilliant day  with fantastic community spirit!!!!!

The brilliant Hobsons Choice performing at The Watergate

Ladies of the Tonbridge Oast Theatre
Cheap House Doubles with Cinque Port Lyndy Hoppers
Cinque Port Lyndy Hoppers
Stewards at the Botany
Paul & Pete (Tonbridge musicians found regularly at The Foresters)
Tonbridge Oast Theatre Munchkins
Lizzie Mills
Radio Active - Jessica & Sarah at the Pavilion
Stewards Linsy Martin and Janet Dobson
The gorgeous and talented Colette Redgrave
Donation collector in WWI costume on Big Bridge
Olivia Cross (14yrs) - Victoria Maxted (14yrs) - Daniel Maxted (12yrs) 

Mystery identity revealed

This portrait was completed by members of the public at the castle over the recent Heritage Weekend (with a little help from Tonbridge Art Group).

A photograph was blown up so that the pixels could be drawn out onto a larger scale as a matrix of squares, each of which was colour coded. There are 6400 squares in total in the image. Visitors to the castle were asked to fill in the squares, one by one, with the appropriate colour.

All they were told was that the picture would form a portrait of a famous person.  Only one member of Tonbridge Art Group knew the identity of that person, and it was well into the second day of the Heritage Weekend that suspicions were aroused as to who this might be.

Just in case you cannot guess who this may be - Tonbridge Art Group have identified the subject of the portrait.

The completed image can be viewed at the group's current art exhibition in the Tonbridge Castle Council Chamber until October 4 from 10am to 4pm (Sunday 10.30am to 4pm).

Admission free.

Creative military designs by Hillview pupils

The fashion and textile pupils at Hillview School have created military themed designs influenced by British Army uniforms. These were on display at the entrance of Angel Walk during the British Legion Busking day in Tonbridge High Street. 

A number of pupils were modelling the creative items in the town to help collect donations for the Royal British Legion. Well done girls!!!!

Tonbridge Busks for the British Legion

It's 'Busking for the British Legion' today in the High Street and the town is filled with music, performers, buskers and dancers amongst many other fantastic moments.

There are fabulous acts and plenty of talent out there today, and here's a taste of this morning in the town.

If you haven't been into the High Street the event will be running until 10pm this evening.

President of the Tonbridge RBL Derek Still with Veronica Jackson Poppy Appeal Organiser & helper
Talented 12 year old Jessica Hinz - Weald of Kent pupil - Singing like an angel 

George Hall collecting donations at Angel Walk
Musician Matt Hovenden playing his own music at Angel Walk
Colourful Tonbridge Oast Theatre members collecting donations
The CC Street Dancers who meet at Teen & Twenty Club performing in The Pavilion

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #306 
Can Tonbridge be mystical and mysterious? Yes it can!! The above moody and misty Medway was taken by Adam Norris on his way to work early in the morning. I love this autumnal landscape of our town. More please Adam!!!!!!!

In the footsteps of knights

The Medway Crossing
Tonbridge historian, Deborah Cole, has been spending her time recently researching a walk around Tonbridge and beyond, based on routes that were used by knights in the 13th century.

Her new book gives directions for a 33 mile circuit, broken up into manageable stages and contains a series of short circular walks.

Deborah said  'I always thought that Tonbridge should have its own long distance circular walk, and I found that it had one in 1279!'

This is a must for those who enjoy walking in the countryside. Every route has historical notes of interest along the way, and Deborah has thought of everything as each walk passes a pub or cafe.

The book is available at Tonbridge Castle.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Digital Piano for Hospice Choir

Tonbridge Lions’ President Keith Bourne and the Hospice Choir.

The Hospice in the Weald choir was formed to bring together families of patients, carers and friends of the Hospice, as part of their Music Therapy Programme. 

Singers of all abilities were invited to join in community singing, learning new songs in harmony, with the intention of entertaining patients and families, and fund raising for the Hospice. 

The choir has been so successful, it was considered that the Hospice`s own small keyboard was inadequate for accompanying them, so Tonbridge Lions Club have donated a new Yamaha digital piano to the Hospice.  

 Kylie Ferris, Music Therapist, said “The donation will be appreciated by both the patients and staff in providing a high quality accompaniment for the choir, and for music therapy sessions.”

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #305 - Exposed
The former party shop in Tonbridge High Street has now closed leaving the old Freeman Hardy Willis sign exposed. Does anyone remember the shop or have any memories of buying shoes there.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #304 - Sky over Tonbridge last night

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #303

This embroidered montage caught my eye at the Parish Church craft fair over Heritage weekend.  I have to admit I don't know the first thing about tapestry work, in fact sewing buttons back on is just about my only strength where a needle and thread is concerned ... however, it was obvious that a lot of close work and time had been invested by the Tonbridge Cage Green WI, in this detailed piece of needlework illustrating Tonbridge. Can you recognise all the well know town spots on either side of the River Medway? I loved the swans and their real feathers. Well done ladies of the WI ... you have done Tonbridge proud.