Saturday, 30 November 2013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo # 395
This beautiful Yew tree, covered in red berries, is next to the pathway that crosses through Tonbridge Parish churchyard. Is the old wives' tale true that an abundance of berries signals a cold winter? Hopefully not!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #394 - Double Take
An enormous sunshine scene was outside the Rose & Crown this morning. It was so big I actually did a double take. In a strange way the image brightened up the grey day.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tonbridge Friday Market

Scout Hut Lamberts Yard
Did you know that Tonbridge has a regular market every Friday? And, the most important thing here is that all the produce is local. Yes, LOCAL. It takes place in the little scout hut in Lamberts Yard and you can always spot it from a distance by the red, white and blue bunting that's hung up outside, or by a sign on the corner of Lamberts Yard and High Street pointing towards the indoor market.

I popped in last Friday to see what was on offer and spoke to one of the ladies who was selling farm eggs.  She told me that the market was started 57 years ago by the Tonbridge WI in a small building on the former Angel Ground. They then lost this facility, and moved to the the Sea Scouts' Hut on the river behind the Teen and Twenty building, where they remained for many years. Finally, they moved to the hut where they now hold the weekly market. It is apparently no longer WI run although the Institute do have a stall to sell their jams, preserves, marmalades and chutneys.

All the produce is fresh and local. The meat is freshly delivered from a local supplier. All the crafts are local too. There's even a beautiful seasonal plant stall. I arrived towards the end of the morning, and to be honest there had been a blitz of buying, so there wasn't much left. You can order items for the following week if you don't want to miss out on any of the produce. There's even small cafe serving home baked delicious cakes, tea and coffee and very reasonable prices. The cakes are delicious!!!!!! So what are you waiting for???

Tomorrow the Mayor will pay a visit to the market, and so I would imagine everyone will have made an effort to bake and bring their very best to the stalls. So it's a good time to go.  If you're in town pop along, have a look at what's on offer and I bet you won't leave without buying something. In fact, you'll probably make it a regular on your Friday 'things-to-do'.

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #393 - Bagpipes on the bridge
There are two buskers I always love to hear in Tonbridge High Street and I'm pleased to say the bagpipe busker is one of them. He was playing his pipes today on Little Bridge. I also rather like the music played on an accordian by the man who occasionally sits outside Waitrose. Love them or hate them I personally find it adds atmosphere to the town.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tonbridge Fun Fair

The fun fair is not my favourite part of the Christmas Festival ... I find it tacky ... but I know the kids love it. However, there's plenty of colour and opportunities for nice photos. Here are a few I snapped on Sunday.

Tonbridge Daily Photo

Tonbridge Daily Photo #393 - Sunset over Penshurst
The skies were on fire over Penshurst in probably the most stunning sunset I've ever seen.

New Badger Group for Tonbridge

The Tonbridge branch of the Badger Trust was attracting plenty of attention at The Christmas Festival on Sunday. The new group has recently been set up by resident Valerie Russell who said that many people had stopped to chat at the fund raising stall, and she was delighted at all the positive interest in the town.

If you are interested in joining the group, or would like further information, please contact Valerie Russell on 01732 771404 or email She will be very pleased to hear from you.

Howard Porter joins Valerie Russell at the Tonbridge High Street stall

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tonbridge Christmas Festival 2013

Tonbridge Christmas Festival

Sunday 24 November, 1.45pm - 6.15pm

2.00pm Carol Singing and the 17th Tonbridge Scout & Guide Band

2.30pm Music entertainment on the stage at the Big Bridge

5.50pm Christmas Lights Switch-On

6.00pm Fireworks display over Tonbridge Castle

6.30pm Carol Service at Tonbridge Parish Church


    • 17th Tonbridge Scout and Guide Band
    • Tonbridge Parish Church Choir
    • Porcelain Steel
    • Carbon 12
    • Razzamatazz - Scott Free
    • Tonbridge Rock Choir
    • Bullshed
    • Medway School of Dancing
    • Ricky & the Hats

    Wednesday, 20 November 2013

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #392
    These Slade cottages used to back onto the original cattle market that later became the much loved Saturday market. They are some of the few residential properties in Tonbridge that have a view of the castle.

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #391
    This former cattle trough now sits on the corner of Castle Street and The High Street. No longer a watering stop for passing animals it is now a planter for flowers.

    Tuesday, 19 November 2013

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #390
    I really liked the attractive way the coloured autumn leaves were caught in the wire on the roof above the the shop on The Botany. It couldn't have been done better if it had been staged as a seasonal decoration.

    Monday, 18 November 2013

    A Misty Sunday Afternoon

    The drizzle and misty conditions yesterday didn't keep residents away from an afternoon stroll around Barden Lake. It was surprising how many people were out and about walking, cycling and enjoying their Sunday afternoon in the damp weather.  It seems as though we are all a hardy bunch.

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #389
    I stopped on the Big Bridge to take this photo of the moon shining on the river. A stunning scene!

    Sunday, 17 November 2013

    Air Ambulance to benefit from Tonbridge Triathlon

    Tonbridge Lions Club has, once again, invited the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance charity to find sponsored competitors for the Tonbridge Triathlon to be held on Bank Holiday Monday, 5 May 2014. 

    Lions Clubs across the south-east have pledged to donate £250,000 over 10 years to help KSS Air Ambulance achieve its aim of night flying.

    The triathlon event, swimming, cycling and running was started by Tonbridge Lions over 26 years ago, and is recognised by the British Triathlon Federation who referee and sanction all triathlons. Competitors have a choice of completing the Sprint, a 400m swim, then a 25km cycle ride, ending with a 5km run or the Standard event that is double the distance for all three disciplines. Start and finish are at Tonbridge School Sport Centre.

    Chairman of the organising committee, Lion Tom Simmons said, “Our aim is, as always, to provide an event that is enjoyed by the competitors and spectators alike whilst raising money for local charities. As well as assisting KSS Air Ambulance we are also supporting Headway, a charity that helps those suffering from brain damage caused by accidents.  All the proceeds from our Triathlon handbook will be donated to these two worthy local charities.”

    Since its inception, the Tonbridge Triathlon has raised over £125,000 that Tonbridge Lions have used to support to various local charitable causes.

    To book a place visit and follow the link to Triathlon 2014. 

    The KSS Air Ambulance sponsor form can also be downloaded here. 

    There is also a dedicated e-mail for event enquiries, and a dedicated phone number, 07549 949615.

    Tonbridge Daily Copyright

    I really enjoy writing this blog and it's helped me to get to know the town in which I live, and I hope if you are living in Tonbridge that it has you too.

    I just want to remind those who drop by and read the daily information, snippets and enjoy the photographs that the majority of the images are mine, taken by myself, unless a credit appears mentioning the source.

    Also some of the presentation of ideas have been created by myself and therefore are my intellectual property, as is some of the research on the town which has appeared in no other publication. So unless you are clear of the source of the information you may be using, my research outcomes, ideas and images are under copyright and should not be used to generate any monetary gain.

    This is simply a blog to be enjoyed by all who live locally and want to know more about the town in which they live. It is not in the public sphere to capitalise on making money or a profit.  Therefore please don't steal my work for this purpose.

    Saturday, 16 November 2013

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #388
    An unusual view of Tonbridge High Street, The question is can you recognise where?

    Friday, 15 November 2013

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #387
    It's worth occasionally looking up when you're in the High Street. Above your eye-level is often a bygone world of architecture. This canopy is above the Nat West entrance on the corner of Castle Street.

    Thursday, 14 November 2013

    No sign of a sign!

    Tonbridge Daily Snippet

    In 1903 Ernest Upton took over as the pharmacist at no. 25 Quarry Hill Road.  Amongst the services he offered was 'putting down' domestic pets by using a sealed gassing chamber, pulling teeth and dispensing his predecessor's digestive mixture made of peppermint and distilled water, which was the best seller to Tonbridge residents.

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #386
    I love the stream that flows behind Sainsbury's carpark. There was plenty of water gushing through yesterday when I crossed the bridge, and stopped to take this shot. Such ashame you can't hear the sound as it was tremendously loud.

    Wednesday, 13 November 2013

    Did you miss this?

    I didn't catch a glimpse of last night's beautiful sunset, but Martin Best did capture the gorgeous pink and orange sky over Tonbridge.  Here it is and I'm sure you'll all agree it's stunning.

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #385

    Tuesday, 12 November 2013

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo # 384
    I have never warmed to the extension of council offices that were built onto the Mansion House, and former Orangerie (now the Tourist Office) at Tonbridge Castle. The architectual designs simply don't complement each other in their differences of style and period. Don't get me wrong here, I actually really like contemporary architecture as long as the old and the new structures adapt to the existing building lines in shape, and context. This doesn't do any of this for me.  It fits into that 'carbuncle' desciption  Prince Charles made so famous. In short, I will always see it as a functional ugly addition. Sorry Tonbridge!

    Monday, 11 November 2013

    Tonbridge Daily Snippet

    The Six in One Club in Tonbridge has been in action and serving the Tonbridge community for 50 years. The first club building was a disused POW hut that members dismantled at Horns Lodge Farm and this was rebuilt on the current Northwood Road site.

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #383 - Sunset over Barden Lake
    There have been some beautiful sunsets recently over Tonbridge, and last night it was particularly stunning, There was even moonshine over the lake too.

    Saturday, 9 November 2013

    Friday, 8 November 2013

    Such a Silent Place

    These photographs were taken in the redundant church of St Thomas a Becket Church in Capel and were sent to Tonbridge Daily by local photographer Shane Straeche.

    Shane said 'it's such a silent place to have a look around, and also the guest book is a rather interesting read'.

    He said the story behind the picture of the sheep was amusing as the animal actually escaped into the graveyard, and whilst it gave the church keepers the run around he was left to snap up some shots in peace.

    The church is open to visitors daily from 10am to 4pm. At other times, during reasonable daylight hours, it is possible to call at the white farmhouse opposite for the key. 

    It is believed that Thomas Becket preached either in the church, or under a yew tree in the churchyard.

    Stained Glass Window c 1905
    13thc wall painting depicting Biblical scenes

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #381 - Autumn

    Thursday, 7 November 2013

    That Sinking Feeling

    I get that sinking feeling when I look at the boats by Big Bridge. Shouldn't they be in storage for the winter period? I don't know who they belong to!! Are they privately owned or do they belong to TMBC? They are now starting to look abandoned. Their interiors are filling with water, they're turning green with algae and they're slowly sinking into the river. They really give this area an unloved look, and sadly the landing side is also starting to look littered.

    So come on whoever is responsible - clean it up and lets have some pride in our town and river.

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #380
    The lights along the river are in place but you'll have to wait until Sunday November 24 to see them lit up and reflecting in the water below.

    Here are the details of the Tonbridge 'Switch On' and fireworks.

    2.00pm Carol Singing and the 17th Tonbridge Scout & Guide Band

    2.30pm Music entertainment on the stage at the Big Bridge

    5.50pm Christmas Lights Switch-On

    6.00pm Fireworks display over Tonbridge Castle

    6.30pm Carol Service at Tonbridge Parish Church

    Tuesday, 5 November 2013

    Tonbridge Daily Photo

    Tonbridge Daily Photo #379  
    Jefferys Passage hasn't changed much over the years, and whenever I walk down the narrow passageway I imagine how it might have been in the past. It was named after Jefferys the Butchers who once traded from this little alleyway off the High Street.

    Jefferys Passage (date unknown)
    Courtesy of Tonbridge Historical Society Pictorial Collection No. 15.Bank1