Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Beautiful glass in Tonbridge

The sun was shining through the east window in the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul today, and as the colours were so incredibly vibrant I took the photos below.

The window is a unique one containing 8,000 pieces of glass. It is not a 'stained' glass window but an amalgamation of small pieces of coloured glass which gives the colours a greater richness.

The window was installed in 1954 after the plain glass window was destroyed by a flying bomb in 1944.

Leonard Walker, who designed and made the window, collected these pieces of coloured glass from all over the country, fitting them together into his overall design. It took him 3 years and he was in his 80's when he completed it.  His highly treausred glass designs can be found in many buildings in England, and we are lucky enough to have such a large piece of his work in Tonbridge.

It's really worth stopping by at the church to take a look.

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