Sunday, 7 July 2013

Once upon a time there were 61 tennis courts

In a previous snippet Tonbridge Daily pointed out that in 1923 the Sportsground had an enormous number of tennis courts - 57 to be exact.

'In 1923 Tonbridge Urban District Council brought the Sportsground for the price of £4080 which at the time had 7 football pitches, 57 tennis courts, 12 cricket pitches, miniature golf and a quoit pitch'.

Many of you contacted me in disbelief that Tonbridge had so many. I think you were doubting me.  I have since found this map of 1923 in a town guide that marks the tennis courts. I may be mistaken but I have counted them on the map below, and I think the number now has risen to 61.  Take a look!!!!

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