Monday, 8 July 2013

Tonbridge Can Party!!!!!!

It's been another brilliant weekend in Tonbridge, and of course the beautiful weather helped when  Tonbridgians took the opportunity to party and picnic beneath the castle during a weekend  of music.

Oh yes, we can do it, and we do support events when they occur in the town. I think we were all hungry for a summer of happenings, and it all came at the right time as we are now getting a taste for it. There's certainly a sense of community being seen now. It was always there, but now there's a sense of coming-together, and we're all looking forward to more happening in our friendly town.

Here are some amazing pictures taken by Tonbridge man, Carl Lewis, on Saturday evening at the Killer Queen concert. Carl has been involved in the Tonbridge Arts Festival in various ways over the weekend. Good aren't they!!!!!!!

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  1. It's great to see Tonbridge having fun! It was a good weekend of entertainment from Tonbridge Arts Festival.