Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Tonbridge Spoilsport

After the incredibly successful Tonbridge Taster event, that was free for everyone to join in and enjoy, I thought it was worth repeating a post I wrote a few years ago.

Whilst researching the Venetian Fete and River Carnival that was held in Tonbridge every year during Cricket Week ... I came across an interesting snippet published in the 23 June 1933 edition of the Tonbridge Free Press.  It appears that over 100 years ago there were people who would do anything to stop the public having fun, or gaining anything for free.

The programme for the evening of the fete and carnival began at 8pm, with a diving exhibition from Big Bridge by two members of the Amateur Diving Association, and a team from Monson Swimming Club, 8.30pm was the Ladies Canoe Race followed by Punt Races and finally at 9.45pm a procession along the river of the illuminated craft.

The following week it was reported:-

On Saturday morning a large screen was erected at Big Bridge, the idea being, of course, to prevent people having a free view of the procession. This caused some resentment, and in order to avoid unpleasantness later in the day, the screen was taken down.
We understand that the Urban District Council was not approached with regard to the erection of the screen, also that the matter was not brought before the general committee (Cricket Week Entertainments Committee).'

It's hard to imagine where the screen would have been, and even harder to imagine that someone could have been such a town spoilsport. 

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