Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tonbridge Artist Sue Walker

I love this arty time of the year. It first kicks off for me with the Brighton Festival and all the superb open houses, The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Art follows, then come the block buster exhibitions around the country and abroad, the degree shows and our very own local South East Open Studios which are in full swing at the moment.

Yesterday I visited Sue Walker who is exhibiting in a hidden funky little summer house in York Road, Tunbridge Wells. You'll find this gem in the road next to the old Habitat building (just follow the South East Open Sudios sign), so if you're out shopping it's well worth spending some extra time dropping in to see Sue's work.

Sue is a Tonbridge based artist, a neighbour and allotment buddy. Professionally she works for the BBC in graphic design and is now rediscovering her creativity through painting. She has a natural sense of colour and I was particularly drawn to her beautiful series of cathedral paintings.

The whole experience of this exhibition was brilliant - finding the hidden location through the foliage in the centre of town was such a surprise, and then to encounter such interesting colour and energy in the paintings in such an unusual space was the icing on the cake.

We have a thriving community of local artists quietly working away in Tonbridge, and this is your opportunity to get to know them and see their work. I'm hoping to get around to many more of them today. The Open Studio exhibitions are all free, but have different and specific opening hours. You'll find all the Tonbridge exhibitions here on the SEOS website

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