Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Can You Help - Kent Police Appeal - Two Tonbridge Burglaries

Kent Police - Appeal

Two burglaries in Tonbridge 

Location: Hadlow Road, Date: 28 May, Time: Around 12pm

A man whose home was broken into while he and his wife went out shopping is appealing for people with information about the crime to contact police.
John Davis, 66, and his wife Sue left their home in Hadlow Road, Tonbridge, at 11:30am on 28 May. The house was locked but the couple returned at 3:45pm to find burglars had forced their way in.
Among the items missing were two laptop computers, an iPad, three digital cameras and a large amount of gold jewellery.

Victim appeals for information

Mr Davis is sure someone will know what happened and is appealing to their better nature to help Kent officers with their enquiries.
He said: ‘They took our laptops, including mine with our photos saved on. They were backed up on a mobile hard drive - but the burglars took that too.
‘They also took my wife’s work computer, and my daughter’s with her university coursework on.
‘Some of the jewellery had been handed down to us and we were planning on passing it to our daughters. There were two ladies’ watches including a 18ct Raymond Weil gold one and one in a red box.
‘It was the middle of the day so someone must have seen something. We think they left with the items in carrier bags because they left one behind and that’s been handed over to police.’

Sentimental items

Among the items of jewellery taken were a 24ct gold bracelet with a flick latch, from Malaysia worth £2,500. There was also a 24ct gold necklace link chain with two solid gold bands attaching three hearts, also from Malaysia, and a V-shaped 24ct gold necklace.
DC Tracy Evans from Kent Police said: ‘Burglary is one of Kent Police’s top priorities and we are keen to track down the offenders and recover Mr Davis’ items. As well as being valuable, they are also of significant sentimental value.
‘We are also investigating a second burglary in Hadlow Road which took place at roughly the same time and there is a good chance the two offences are linked.’
Anyone who can help with Kent Police’s enquiries is asked to call 101 quoting crime report YY/10066/13.

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